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Owl Brand Ring Traveller

2014/4/10 13:30:20

Brand: Owl Brand
Raw materials: Superior carbon spring steel wire
Surface treatment: Nickel and cobalt alloy 
Specification: OSS, CO, RSS, BR, 6903, 9803, FO, BFO, 6802, FU, BU, BK, BEL, BDH, BJM, GS, G, GOand so on.
Brand: Owl 
Raw materials: alloy steel wires.
Surface treatment: N, D

Nanotechnology——N series steel beed 
N series nanometer steel beed can be used for alloy steel products, and the surface of the steel beed after nickel and cobalt alloied, and treated with LAN technology, it can filmed a nanometer grade structure.
Features: At the same condition, the life can be 2~3 times of the common steels.The yarn light twist, period short , yarn hairiness can reduce and the condition is on average.

self-lubricating wear-resistant coating ——D series steel beed 
D series self-lubricating wear-resistant coating steel beed was added self-lubricating materials and many kinds of alloy elements. 
Features: At the same condition, the life can be 2-5 times of the common steel beed and the yarn light twist, period short , yarn hairiness reduced and it is anti-corrosive.

New products ——BJM steel beed 
BJM series steel beed uses alloy structure steel wires, to different customers the treatment of the surface can be different.

1.It can be used for the blending and weavinf of PG1ring 上21S-120S .
2.The steel beed is low ,and it can be operated stable with high speed. 
3.steel bead yarn tube is wide and the outreach with the steel is large. The thermal performance is good with low rate of breakage and the usage period is long and the yarn quality is good.

Notice: ultrathin bowing BSO section. Adding “T” before wire loop model means special polishing treatment, “F” means fluorin plating treatment. Owl brand on the package means nanometer treatment.