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Flat Mounting Machine

2014/4/10 11:18:54

1.1 The machine has a wide range of use.Its suitable for all kinds of flat clothing.The operation is easy and convenience.
1.2 With use of pneumatic technique,the machine,during operation,provides steady top pressure and side pressure,small elasticity,even and straight rolling,close lamination of top card clothing and steel bars to ensure desired high quality clip ped products.Its reliable,stable and convenient operation make.
1.3 The electric control system is meticulous in design,it can avoid breaking flat ends of flat bar.

2.Technical data
2.1 Power 380V 50HZ
2.2 Motor power 1.1KW
2.3 Applicable length of top card clothing 940-1143mm(37”-45”)
2.4 Air source Pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
2.5 Net weight 800kg
2.6 Dimension 2060mm×880mm×2000mm