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Roller Mouting and Grinding Machine

2014/4/10 11:17:39

1.1 The passive covering is used in grooved licker-in wire and other similar wires. Covering speed is controlled by inverter. Stepless varisble drive.
1.2 The mounting arm is used in stripping roller wire,transfer roller wire or interlocking saw-tooth wire.Covering bear-roller max diameter:Φ500mm,width:1200mm.
1.3 Soften ceramic grinding wheel is used in grinding head,it grinds the tips of teeth sharply,clean,smooth.
1.4 Groove repairing bar is used to repair the damaged groove of licker-in.

2.Technical data
2.1 Voltage 380V 50HZ
2.2 Power consumption 1.87KW (headstock motor 1.5KW grinding wheel motor 0.37KW)
2.3 Max covering speed 80rpm
2.4 Grinding roll speed 800rpm
2.5 Working width 1100mm
2.6 Net weight 510Kg
2.7 Dimensions 1700mm×1050mm×1500mm