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Metallic Wire Mounting Machine

2014/4/10 11:04:39

1.1 Convenient to install and covering all kinds of imported and China-made carding machines.
1.2 Mounting speed is controlled stepless by an inverter.It can controlled with face-plate,remote and manual operation.
1.3 ThediameterO{driveShaft:Φ25-Φ65mm.
1.4 Mounting tension can be adjusted,There is adjustable damper in the tell. Harmer and side pressure knife constitute a loose-proof mechanism.

2.Technical data
2.1 Voltage 380V 50HZ
2.2 Power 1.5KW
2.3 Range of frequency O-50HZ
2.4 Max.clamping speed 40rpm
2.5 Net weight 160kg