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Got Grinding Machine

2014/4/10 10:47:42

1.1 Suitable for all kinds of rollers which have different hardness.
1.2 Adopting the system of pneumatic and electrical, the quality of prkduction and the requirements or technology are guaranteed. 
1.3 The motors of headstock and the reciprocating table are controlled stepless by inverters. The grinding efficiency is higher.
1.4 Equipped with dust collector, and the dust suction effect is increasing.

2.Technical data
2.1 VoltageAC 380V 50HZ
2.2 Power consumption 2.59KW (grinding wheel motor: 1.1KW; headstock motor: 0.37KW; table motor 0.37KW; cleaner motor 0.75KW)
2.3 Speed of headstock 0-400rpm
2.4 Emery wheel travesing speed 1830rpm
2.5 Max.grinding diameter and length Φ60×450mm
2.6 Compressed air supply ≥0.8MPa 
2.7 Net weight 1250Kg 
2.8 Dimensions 1950mm×1280mm×