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點擊這里給我發消息 點擊這里給我發消息

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  • Wuxi OWL Textile Accessories Co., Ltd.
  • Add:No.212 Daoxingtang Road Dongting Street Xishan Economic Development Zone Wuxi Jiangsu China
  • Zip:214101
  • TEL:+86-510-82850631, 82854664
  • FAX:+86-510-82856726
  • E-mail:mty@chinamty.com (sales)
    wxta@public1.wx.js.cn (General Manager)
  • URL:www.8008011889.com.cn

About the current position:Home>culture

  Beginning from 1959  

  Yearly production capacity of “Owl Tuoniao” brand ring  travellers is up to400,000 boxes  

  Self-designed and developed textile auxiliary equipment are given a constant supply andnew versions emerge year after year  

   Supply of “Owl” brand products not meet demand for year running  

   High-technique acknowkedged enterprise,Double quality cerificates enterprise  

   Fine quality materials,excellent technology,perfect workmanship producing superior products  

   Reasonable “Compliance” and appropriate “Equilibrium”  

   Exploiting your demand: complete service,extending sercice,consulting service and service following stream of consciousnees  

   Pursuing owl's far-sightness, owl's sharp paws and owl's flying speed  

  Pursing value philosophy of honesty and good quality; Advocating regulated and careful management requirements

  Advocating that credit is heavier than benefits; Performing meticulosity and excelsior quality guideline.