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  • Wuxi OWL Textile Accessories Co., Ltd.
  • Add:No.212 Daoxingtang Road Dongting Street Xishan Economic Development Zone Wuxi Jiangsu China
  • Zip:214101
  • TEL:+86-510-82850631, 82854664
  • FAX:+86-510-82856726
  • E-mail:mty@chinamty.com (sales)
    wxta@public1.wx.js.cn (General Manager)
  • URL:www.8008011889.com.cn

About the current position:Home>eabout_us

Wuxi Owl Textile Accessories Co.,Ltd., which was originally Wuxi Textile Equipment Plant and founded in 1959, has become domestic time-honored brand enterprise in textile equipments. In 2008, the new address for the company moved to beautiful shore of Taihu—Dongting Xishan Economic Development Park of Wuxi New Industrial Park. The company produces five series products to sincerely provide better quality products and perfect service for customers from home and abroad. The company is Jiangsu provincial high and new technology enterprise, and has passed ISO9001 quality system authentication and has independent export authority.

The company has always dedicated to technique improvement, equipment upgrading, producing new products in recent years.

The company takes years’ good tradition and philosophy to carefully produce textile products with stable quality. The company will strive to use good techniques to create our brand.